How do I change the account contact information?

You can easily update your contact information online via our Unity Customer Portal. Please keep in mind that the primary name on the account in our billing system is recognized as the sole, official owner of the account.

Log into Unity with your Customer ID number and billing password, and navigate to "My Account --> Contact Info --> Edit".

Your contact information is now available to be updated.  Simply Click the "Update" Button when you are ready to save the new information.

It is imperative that we always have current contact information for the Technical and Billing Contacts for your account. This will allow us to contact you immediately should a time-sensitive issue ever arise, such as the expiration of an SSL Certificate.

We are happy to provide assistance 24 hours a day.  Please free to contact Customer Service via Livechat or over the phone at (321) 332-6825 or (800) 317-8552.

Article ID: 11, Created On: 1/8/2010, Modified: 10/10/2012