How do I pay for upgrades?

Upgrades to your account are pro-rated to your next monthly billing date. This includes new servers, server upgrades, cloud servers/instances, hosted services or any kind of service upgrades.

Payments for upgrades must be received before an upgrade request may be completed. This pro-rated upgrade amount will be billed to the primary credit card on file at the time of the upgrade submission.

Example: If your billing/anniversary date is the 10th of the month and you purchase a new server on the 21st. You will be billed a pro-rated amount of 18 days (21st thru 30th = 9 days + 1st through 9th = 9 days) On the next billing/anniversary date, you will be billed the full amount of the upgraded service.

Article ID: 21, Created On: 1/8/2010, Modified: 8/7/2012