What is Managed Hosting?

How do we define managed hosting?
At Server Intellect we believe managed hosting is all about providing you the tools, resources and support you need to run your business.

What do we mean by tools?
Server Intellect will provide you with valuable software such as a fully integrated control panel which will simplify most routine administrative tasks. In addition to the control panel we also provide mail server and statistics server software, making it easy to access your email and gather valuable traffic information about your site. We also provide you with McAfee virus scan to protect your server from malicious activity. We also include ping monitoring to detect any network outages and Enterprise Backup software to protect your invaluable data in the unlikely event of a disk failure.

What do we mean by resources?
At Server Intellect not only do we have a searchable knowledge base, FAQs, and trouble tickets for issue resolution, but we also have our technicians, which we consider our most valued resource. At Sever Intellect our focus is on the ASP.NET community and Microsoft based technologies. All of our technicians hold Microsoft Certified Professional Certifications. You can rest assured your issues are being handled by technicians who are experts in Microsoft Server technology.

What is Support?
One definition of support is “to bear the weight of.” At Server Intellect, we want to bear the weight of your IT needs. We realize that not everyone is a server expert and we want to fill the in the gaps in your technical needs. Our technicians are here to assist you with questions in reference to hardware, software, control panels, bandwidth, networking, datacenter facilities and security products that we deliver. We also know that there are a lot of issues that fall outside of what is considered a “standard” support issue. To that end we include an hour of additional support time each month for all dedicated server accounts to be used for tasks that fall outside the range of typical support issues.

To summarize, we here at Server Intellect are here to help you take your IT to the next level. Whether it be to grow your online business or run your personal website, Server Intellect has what you need to succeed in the growing online community.

Operating System
Server Intellect will perform the initial installation and testing of the operating system software for any server including any updates or patches. Server Intellect will troubleshoot any operating system related problems and issues. OS Reloads are performed at no additional charge, however software re-installation may incur a fee if it does not happen as a result of a hardware failure and goes beyond the one hour of included support.

Server Software
Server Intellect will deliver to you a fully configured server with a fully integrated control panel that allows you to automate most daily administration tasks. Server Intellect will perform the initial installation and testing of the control panel software for any server ordered with a control panel. If you have ordered a control panel with your account, Server Intellect will support control panel related problems and issues. This includes, but is not limited to, support of basic control panel functions such as adding or removing accounts, domains, email accounts, ftp accounts etc. In addition to the control panel we provide you with thousands of dollars worth of server software that all comes configured and ready to go.

Enterprise Data Backup
Server Intellect uses Enterprise Level Data Backup Software that allows us to keep 7 copies of all system and file data. This software is included with all dedicated server accounts at no additional charge, if selected on the order form. Backups are taken nightly and we retain 7 days worth of backups by default, in the unlikely event of a server failure you will have the backups you need to restore your services.

Proactive Security Management
Once a month, at a time that you schedule, Server Intellect technicians will perform a security audit of your server to ensure it’s both secure and has all the latest software updates.

Virus Protection
All servers include McAfee VirusScan for Windows at no extra charge to ensure your server is protected against the threat of viruses, if selected on the order form.

Server Intellect will monitor the ICMP (PING) protocol on each system, to verify that the system is operational. Monitoring of multiple ports may be available at an additional cost. If a server fails to respond to a ping request, Server Intellect will manually attempt to check the status of the server. Server Intellect will automatically reboot systems that fail to respond. Server Intellect does not charge for reboots to any system on the network.

Additional Support
Server Intellect provides an hour of additional support time for all dedicated server accounts to be used for tasks that fall outside the range of “typical” support issues. This would include software installation and configuration of any pre-approved third party software. (Once the initial installation and configuration of the third party software is complete Server Intellect will not be able to support this software.) Server Intellect charges a rate of $37.50 per thirty minutes of support and/or administrative work that exceed the included hour or are not included or specified by the terms of this management policy.

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