How much bandwidth is included with my plan?

Current bandwidth inclusions/quotas are as follows.

Public Cloud Hosted Platform: 
includes 100GB bandwidth
overages charged at $.30 per GB

VPS Cloud Servers:
include 1000GB bandwidth
incremental increases to 3000GB, 6000GB, 7000GB, 8000GB, 9000GB, 10000GB, Unlimited @10Mbps, and Unlimited             @100Mbps are available.  Contact SALES for pricing. 

Dedicated Servers:
include 10000 GB bandwidth
increases in 1000GB increments up to 20000GB, and Unlimited plans also available.  Contact SALES for pricing.

INBOUND traffic on the public network and  ALL private network traffic is un-metered, and does not apply against your monthly quota. The monthly bandwidth quota only applies to OUTBOUND traffic on the PUBLIC network.

Our bandwidth is never "capped", and the bandwidth metering engine will allow for organic increases (to the next applicable incremental quota level).  Should you go over your included quota, the engine will automatically adjust your account (level and cost) to the next appropriate incremental and bill your account accordingly.  You are notified via email if there is a projected overage so that you can plan accordingly, and then you are again notified via email once the overage occurs.

Any organically adjusted quotas will automatically remain in effect (assumption of continued use) until such time as you manually request an adjustment via support ticket.

Article ID: 63, Created On: 1/8/2010, Modified: 5/15/2013